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Join SCA. Together we can make a better coffee world. Click here to download the registration form.

SCA’s vision is simple: We want a better coffee world.

When you become a member, you become part of a team that is pursuing this quality vision foralt the good of everyone in the coffee chain, from grower to consumer. Better coffee will bring more pleasure and prosperity to us all.

As a member you also enjoy benefits that increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills, helping you to reach new and lasting customers. Among the benefits of membership are:

* Attending international and national speciality coffee events, which include workshops, educational programmes, exhibitions, competitions and a lot more. Meet and mingle with friends and colleagues, have fun and be inspired. The next major international event will take place in Vienna in June 2012. Local Chapters also organise national or regional events.

* Through SCA’s authorised trainer programme, you have access to regular top quality speciality coffee-related workshops and educational sessions.

You can attend special events organised for roasters, cup tasters and baristas.

* If you are a Barista, you can have your knowledge and skills internationally certified through SCA’s Barista Certification Programme.

* As a member, you can stay in touch with what is happening in the coffee world. Our own full colour 48-page publicationCafé Europa is airmailed to you four times a year. You get complimentary six-month subscriptions to both Tea & Coffee Trade Journal and Fresh Cup. (At the end of the free subscription period, you can renew at specially discounted rates). And you have full access to the regularly updated news and information available on SCA’s main website,

* You can purchase educational materials, SCA clothing and accessories at specially reduced member rates from SCA own resource centre.

* When you quote your membership number, and you get favourable rates for all SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) goods and activities.

* You can take part in our activities by joining one of our committees. Give us the benefit of your experience in your sphere of interest, and you will find it both fun and educational.

* You can access all our members are represented on a constantly updated database and expand your coffee horizons.

 SCA organises site trips for its members to coffee producing countries and to anywhere else that could improve your coffee knowledge. We’ve already had trips to India, El Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama and Hawaii. You can join us on future trips to speciality coffee origins.

You can be invited to cup tastings and quality coffee auctions, because SCA supports the Cup of Excellence Programme.

As proof of membership you receive a wooden plaque engraved with your name, along with an annual window sticker and a membership pin. SCA member’s logo can be used on your stationery, displaying to the world that you are committed to quality and to achieving a better coffee world.

Join SCA. Together we can make a better coffee world. Click here to download the registration form.

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